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Under Portfolio, you will find examples of BrandStory’s most recent work and other interesting project cases. Under About Kees de Vos, you will find an overview of client experiences from the last 25 years.

Workholder Portfolio consumenten merk3

Enrico consumer brand

A solid brand with refreshing illustrations on a bright background. Robust with a touch of nostalgia.

Enrico logo Portfolio roots2
Workholder Portfolio Scelta interactief3

Navigate through trade fair product portfolios

Interactive touch screen presentations at the Scelta stand.

Scelta logo in blok Portfolio3
Interactieve presentatie AirMaster homepage

Navigate easily through interactive presentations

Fully interactive presentations, for presenting both online and offline.

film verhaal story storytelling Sonnevelt

Film: The Story of Sonnevelt


Albert Sonnevelt and Karin Leijten talk about living a vital life.

Sonnevelt logo blocks
Desso Design Lease story

Circular Carpet Lease Concept

Brilliant, sustainable and ahead of its time. The carpet-leasing route. With this concept, Desso offers usability, comfort, health and well-being for indoor areas.

Voorbeeld Desso logo
Bedrijfsimago corporate imago champignon sporen

Food experience at new exhibition stand for SIAL Paris

The tastiest dishes, freshly prepared for you by the chef, and all the information you need in a single ‘experience wall’.

Scelta logo in blok Portfolio
Vitaliteitscoach design verhaal

A lively website; more visitors

‘A vital life’ forms the theme throughout the entire, newly-updated website. The result is more visitors, so more enrolments.

Voorbeeld Peka logo nieuw2
Elho enjoyment stories header

Elho. The Global Enjoyment brand

Brand storytelling with the focus on enjoyment, making everyone’s home surroundings more cheerful and attractive.

Elho logo workholder brand story
IMG 0990

Corporate story Sonnevelt: Vital life

Albert Sonnevelt dreams of a society in which a vital life is the norm, and he is playing his part towards realising that dream. 

Voorbeeld Peka logo nieuw3
Workholder Desso designleadership

Towards Design Leadership

Carpet as a link (‘skin’) between people and architecture. BrandStory developed with this in mind the Design Vision for Desso.

Voorbeeld Desso logo
Workholder beeld huisstijl

Verbindende Corporate Identity

Nieuwe logo met organische vorm ontworpen door BrandStory sluit aan bij de foodmarkt van nu en morgen en staat symbool voor werkelijk betere, eerlijke en opwindende producten.

Enrico logo Portfolio
Blok Corporate story HiiL

Corporate Story: Making justice work for people

Innovating justice; bringing the focus back to the people

HiiL logo logo
Foto Brand Story achtergrond Workholder

Protecting People, Brand Story Royal TenCate

Whether they are for firefighters’ uniforms, artificial grass or dyke bodies, all the technological textiles developed by Royal TenCate are developed in order to protect people.

TenCate logo logo
DSC 7371

Enrico website with intense flavours

For Enrico, we developed a new website (Responsive Design) in which their own brand identity has become the connecting factor between their own brand and that of their partners.

Enrico logo Portfolio
DSC 1966.bew

New Peka Kroef website

BrandStory developed an entirely new website for Peka Kroef in Responsive Design for computer, tablet and smartphone

Voorbeeld Peka logo nieuw
Workholder 5 sterren kekrnverhaal

The 5 sterren Noordoost Brabant Corporate Story

5 sterren regio Noordoost Brabant is a platform for entrepreneurs, educational institutions, and knowledge centres. High ambition laid down in a corporate story.

5 sterren logo
Rode paprika en kaas spread 02 Schaaltje Workholder

Costa del Mezze by Enrico

BrandStory developed the new Costa del Mezze packaging line with a North- African touch.

Enrico logo Portfolio
Workholder Stibbe boek

100 years of Stibbe, a brand story at its best

Through prose and pictures, renowned international law firm Stibbe represents not only its history but also its core values in an expressive photo book.

Stibbe logo
Workholder Desso tools

Tools for Architects

From a service design perspective, BrandStory has designed a series of tools for architects and designers to help make their choice of carpet faster and easier.

Voorbeeld Desso logo
DSC 8877.Bew

Peka Corporate Story

Peka’s story is ground-breaking. They were the pioneers of ‘De Peel’ for over forty years and developed to become European market leader in the field of speciality potato products. BrandStory wrote their corporate story.

Voorbeeld Peka logo nieuw
CoA Visions in Blok

For Architects and Designers

For Desso, BrandStory organised events and created the digital platform ‘’ for Architects and Designers with an interest in textile floor design.

Voorbeeld Desso logo
Workholder 5 sterren van start

Pioneers given a face in 5 Sterren Stories

‘Rising Stars’ are named and portrayed in an attractive digital magazine for the iPad. Vibrant North-East Brabant.

5 sterren logo
Duur ZilverenMijlpaal workholder

Desso goes Cradle to Cradle®

Communication on the sustainable use and sustainable recovery of the raw materials Desso uses.

Voorbeeld Desso logo
5 sterren projecten workholder

5-sterren Noordoost Brabant goes online

BrandStory developed a digital platform that allows North-East Brabant-based government departments, entrepreneurs and educational organisations to present themselves together with the focus on Food and Health.

5 sterren logo
Binnenklimaat Beeld onderin

Desso contributes towards a healthy indoor climate

BrandStory developed various means for the introduction of carpet that reduces the amount of dust in the air and for carpet that improves indoor acoustics

Voorbeeld Desso logo
iStock 000008488996Large uitsnede

Story Design in its purest form

The story of Northeast Brabant (The Netherlands) made visible. The sights for Northeast Brabant in 2020 have been set high, but the region has great potential.

5 sterren logo