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The Peka Kroef corporate story

The Peka Kroef corporate story answers the three most important questions that organisations ask: The ‘Why’, the ‘How’ and the ‘What’ (Sinek – The Golden Circle). The ‘why’ is the most important question. Any company that asks itself why they do the things they do and is able to answer that question, is also able to give meaning to their enterprise. How you do it and what you do follows as a result. It creates a strong basis for control and for all further communication.


Photography by Fotostudio Zien, Ruud Hoornstra

Kernverhaal omslag nieuw
Kernverhaal 02 Binnenwerk1
Kernverhaal 02 Binnenwerk2
Kernverhaal 02 Binnenwerk3
Kernverhaal 02 Binnenwerk4
DSC 2225 Peka Rest

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