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About BrandStory

Making brands clear and visible. it’s what BrandStory does

BrandStory develops identities that make the essence of brands, organisations and products visible. What BrandStory looks for in a brand is its intention. We do this with skill and expertise, and always in collaboration with our clients, who we inspire using the methods and mindset of Design Thinking.


Design Thinking is a style of thinking through which we connect organisations, brands and products with the here and now: the trends that change our society, the latest technological developments and the expectations that people have of a brand. Design Thinking is fundamentally an exploratory process, but always one with a beginning, a middle and an end. From within this wide framework, we focus on the intention of your organisation in order to achieve the desired objectives.

We seek to find the relationship between brand values, market opportunities and the ‘new era’, and we stimulate innovation. We enrich your organisation where necessary and build bridges between strategic plans and smart solutions, and in doing so lay a flexible foundation for a successful future.

BrandStory builds brands that communicate clearly and sincerely, brands that connect people by inspiring them and reflecting the spirit of the times, both in the world around us but also within the organisation.  After all, your staff are the ambassadors to your brand.

Expertise for every stage

First of all, we look at the concept or basic idea of a brand identity, a packaging line, a campaign or whatever else it might be. Only then do we look at design. At this stage, various disciplines are often required to achieve a result that really captures the attention. We therefore work with constantly changing teams that are tailored to the goals we want to achieve. A good concept can always be adapted to suit different stages of a process, and we have expertise for every stage.

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