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Visual branding

A Unique Identity

The way we perceive a visual identity is, in fact, very similar to the way we perceive our own identity. What makes you who you are? How do others see you? It is the most tangible aspect of a distinctive positioning. It is what people experience immediately when they visit a company. Every company has its own character. The visual corporate identity shows what you do as a company, but does your visual identity make the right impression? Does it show every aspect of your brand personality? Does it reflect your speciality or innovative strength in a balanced fashion? In our profession, we turn the strength of your company into a solid, tangible visual identity using stories and design – story design.


Clothes Maketh the Man

Shakespeare said ‘Clothes maketh the man’, but that goes for your corporate identity too. Your identity deserves consistent attention. The best thing about creating or reinforcing and updating a corporate identity is the quest itself, bringing out what, in fact, is already there. What is the story behind the organisation? How is the company relevant? What are the corresponding images, colours and shapes? How can we combine these in a pertinent and stylish manner? We write the brand story (BrandStory) and make the brand, in doing so communicating your speciality or innovations through design. In other words, we make your brand shine, step by step. It’s a wonderful thing to do and the journey is always a delightful one; every company is worth it.

What’s in it for You as a Company?

Visibility! You get noticed and you are able show your distinctive character. Everything is just right, including the presentation, putting your products in a better light. A good product deserves this kind of support and a good client deserves the assurance that they are working with the right organisation. It creates coherence in all your activities. You become subconsciously attractive. And a brand that communicates strongly becomes a friend. It makes the world a more delightful place to be, and your sales can tell that delightful story.

Of course, that also has its effect internally; staff excel when they are proud of their company.  Your company’s soul belongs in the hearts and minds of your employees, and strong images and iconic stories help it find its way there. Brand design pays off, and it’s exciting; it’s the most efficient way of increasing the value of your company.

Visual branding

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