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New Enrico consumer brand – Roots in good food

Roots in good food. Lots of delicious products, mostly from the southern Mediterranean, are sold under the Enrico consumer brand – Roots in good food.

In collaboration with EMMEKE Illustration & Design, BrandStory has developed the new labels for this brand. A solid brand with refreshing illustrations on a bright background. This brings the richness of colour of the products themselves completely into their own. Robust with a touch of nostalgia.

The main idea: Enrico gives that extra touch to those moments that we enjoy together with family and friends. Enjoying one another’s company together with the most delicious food. And that is why ‘Enrico is always on the lookout for innovative and tasty products. We search the planet to make these wonderful products available to you!’

Productmerk Enrico2
Beeld verhaal Enrico merk3

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