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Tools for designers and architects

De Dialogue Box

BrandStory developed a series of tools for Desso that make life just that bit easier for architects and designers.

It comprises a box measuring just 18 cm wide and containing a sample of all the Desso products in approximately 1000 colours. You can see the entire collection, including project photos and samples that you can touch and feel, in just 6 minutes. BrandStory has also developed an innovative app that allows you to choose a product by colour and structure, and order a 25 x 25 cm sample online. With this app, you have the complete Desso collection at your fingertips.


Desso Dialogue App
2 1

6 folders with 1000 colours

3 1

See & Feel

3 4

Compare and read the technical specifications

3D Textures

A tool that allows architects to directly include Desso products in their proposals. All textures are available for every product and in every colour. The introduction includes a demo film and a brochure.

BrandStory presentatie Tileable Textures 02 p.5
3D Textures
3d Textures plaatje2
3DTextures Click and Play

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